Mapix Technologies Ltd

Mapix technologies Ltd is a Scottish based company, established in 1996, with expertise in LiDAR. Under our Routescene brand we develop 3D mapping solutions using LiDAR technology specifically for use on drones. Our systems are used by customers around the world and through Routescene Inc in the USA we serve our primary market there.

Mapix technologies

Mapix technologies Ltd is a geospatial engineering company with experience in mapping, surveying, LiDAR, GNSS/ INS, software development, dynamic data capture and data management. We've worked with LiDAR since 2008 and distribute a portfolio of LiDAR sensors which are used in the fields of industrial automation, robotics and autonomous vehicles.

Under the Routescene brand we develop and manufacture UAV LiDAR mapping solutions. Designed for use on drones to survey sites where accurate mapping is essential but difficult to achieve. Perfect for hard to reach, dangerous or hostile environments such as landslides, steep slopes, and densely vegetated areas. The systems comprise workflow, post processing software, quality assurance software, hardware, firmware, training and support.

Our mission is to enable geospatial professionals to create powerful 3D spatial outputs to make well judged decisions and plans, solve problems, save time, improve efficiencies and increase productivity.

We focus on optimisation, clarity and support:

Optimise: Our carefully thought through and repeatable workflow improves efficiencies. It enables the capture, processing, analysis and visualisation of point cloud data to be undertaken in a systematic, streamlined way.

Clarity: Routescene has a strong ethos of quality assurance and quality control which is embedded across our systems and products. You can be confident in the accuracy of your surveys, the quality and cleanliness of your data and that you have the best possible outputs to make sound business decisions.

Support: Sharing our knowledge and expertise to empower our customers to excel. We provide comprehensive training and responsive technical support to deliver a superb customer experience.