Marine Biopolymers Ltd

Marine Biopolymers is a young company developing a manufacturing and market presence in speciality and fine chemicals extracted from indigenous Scottish seaweeds.

Marine Biopolymers Ltd

Marine Biopolymers Ltd (MBL for short) was established in 2010 as a start up company with an intention to develop a meaningful full range (manufacturing and marketing) business in fine and speciality chemicals extracted from indigenous Scottish seaweeds.

The spearhead of its efforts has been Alginate, a well established natural polymer with a multitude of applications, and MBL has developed its own, new, and radically improved process for alginate manufacture.

This has passed the proof of concept hurdle and the company is now embarking on its next phase of development, with the construction and operation of a small scale Alginate pilot plant, at a small industrial unit in Ayr.

This will be operated for 9-12 months, and perhaps beyond that for other developments, and it will effectively act as a springboard to a full scale Alginate manufacturing plant in the Outer Hebrides, which has the best seaweed and fresh water resources in the UK.

Market interest to MBL's plans has been very positive, but a key aim of the next work phase, is to send out in specification Alginate samples for testing and approval. This will facilitate market entry for output from the full scale plant.

Key applications for Alginate include in textile printing, wound care, ant-acid medicines, dental impression casts, and in a range of foodstuffs, and there are bright future growth prospects in dietary health and pharmaceutical formulations.

MBL was established by 2 very experienced industry executives, but it now also needs to start taking on resources to meet its ambitious development plans, starting with a technically minded person to help operate its new pilot plant, which is scheduled to be operational in November 2012.


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