MCI Electronics

Here at MCI Electronics we are a 24/7 Industrial Electrical and Electronic fault finding, design and repair company. We also manufacture bespoke designs as well as PCB's and Control Systems.

MCI Electronics

In these times of austerity, it is a fact that many companies do not have a dedicated in-house electronic repair department.

One only needs to consider the expense of the modern test equipment and the specialist electronic engineers required to rework the latest generation industrial technology.

At MCI Electronics we can provide a 24/7 fault finding specialist team dedicated to minimising loss to production.


Our years of experience in the electronic / electrical design and manufacturing industry have given us a great insight into PCB and component faults. Whatever the application or problem, we can offer a solution. Repairing damaged laminate or tracks on a PCB, to replacing components on both conventional or obsolete style mount printed circuit boards, we can handle all your requirements

We offer the following

Diagnostics and repairs

  • Multilayer PCBs
  • Machinery Upgrades
  • Circuit Board Repairs
  • Testing Services
  • PCB Prototype Builds
  • Special Part Sourcing
  • LCDs Builds and Repairs
  • Refurbishment of all electronic or electrical equipment
  • Touch Screen repairs
  • Inverters
  • Servo Drivers
  • Robotics
  • Controllers
  • Power Supplies built to order
  • Manufacturing new circuit boards
  • Electrical installations

As a company we understand that each customer's requirements are unique and sometimes a standard off the shelf solution is not always available.  Our unique ability to understand the intricacies of the customer's applications, along with a proven ability at hands on problem solving mean that we frequently deliver highly customised solutions which deliver fantastic results.

By repairing obsolete machinery and printed circuit boards, manufactures can recycle and re-use expensive components that would otherwise be scrapped. WE here MCI Electronics your defective PCB'S are repaired to like- new condition and returned to yo in a matter of days.


27 Castle Road
Bankside Industrial Estate