MedAnnex Ltd

MedAnnex Ltd is a dynamic Edinburgh-based biotechnology company developing new treatments for patients with autoimmune diseases.

MedAnnex Ltd

MedAnnex is a private, Edinburgh-based, development stage biopharmaceutical company committed to addressing the huge unmet need for effective new autoimmune disease treatments.

Our lead product - annexuzlimabTM - is a novel and potent humanised antibody which has shown significant activity in experimental studies of several autoimmune conditions. 

MedAnnex plans to develop annexuzlimab to explore its potential in a range of common and serious autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, where there is significant opportunity to fill the gap for improved second and third-line therapies and potential to be a first-line therapy.

MedAnnex’s management team has a wealth of experience in progressing science-led translational research through clinical development and into commercial products.


1 Summerhall Place
Techcube 3.5