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Micromatrices offers a wide range of services including genomics, pathways analysis, histopathology, imaging, in vitro models. The business is founded on the principle that all aspects of toxicological mechanisms can be 'visualised' in the context of histopathological tissue sections.

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Micromatrices are a company selling problem solving technology and services for risk assessment specialising in investigative toxicology. There are two divisions of the company risk assessment technology and contracting investigative toxicology services.

Simon Plummer, a pharmacologist by training, founded the company this year. Simon’s background is in genomics in an industrial environment and academic research. He worked 10 years for CXR providing genomics and pathways analysis services to the drug, chemical, biotech and food industries and has 20 years experience in academic research focussed on mechanisms of drug action.

The two divisions of the company offer:

(1) Novel technologies to classify, predict and screen for potential toxicity of new chemical entities

(2) A wide range of toxicology risk assessment services including , genomics, data integration and analysis, report writing, project management. Micromatrices provide these services in the context of small pilot projects or large multi study research programmes.

The business is founded on the principle that all aspects of toxicological mechanisms can be visualised in the context of histopathological tissue sections. Hence the business is focused on pathology, imaging and sample collection, in vitro models, data integration and research/method development. We have considerable expertise in liver and testes toxicology but the application of our approach is very flexible.

Because our experience is centred in research we like to work very interactively with clients. Generally the way this takes place is via small pilot projects that can lead to larger research programs. Micromatrices are a research oriented company reflecting the background of the founder. The business structure is scalable and efficient and not determined by convention.


Micromatrices Associates Ltd.
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