Moon Collider Limited

Moon Collider is the developer of the new, dynamic AI middleware, Kythera.  Kythera is a next-generation artificial intelligence platform, dedicated to helping game designers achieve their most ambitious visions. Kythera’s early adopters include Star Citizen, the record-breaking crowd-funded AAA space sim, and indie studios based in both the United States and Europe. Our iterative release schedule is unashamedly driven by the priorities of our clients – and our development partners play a leading role in shaping the evolution of Kythera’s feature set.

Moon Collider Limited

We enable game studios to deliver unique and compelling AI. Through Kythera’s broad feature-set and our team of experts, we can ensure your vision for AI becomes reality. Our Kythera AI middleware provides a flexible, scalable framework and the widest set of features including character and 3D vehicle navigation, behavior authoring and rich debugging tools. Enjoyed by players since 2014, it has become the most advanced tech for video game AI on the market. Integrations are available for Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine and Lumberyard, on all major platforms The whole package makes Kythera the fastest, most effective solution for developing remarkable AI.


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