Nameloop Limited

Nameloop is the world's first Contacts Network. We're creating a place where people can store and share contact information with friends, family, business contacts and businesses.

Nameloop Limited

Share your contact information safely and securely with your contacts. Connect with people, share your info and as theirs changes you’ll always have the most up-to-date contact info for your contacts.

We’re creating a world where people simply update their own information and share it, rather than being responsible for everyone else’s info. Any time your contact info changes, if you change job, move house, set up a new Skype, change your phone number, whatever it is, update your Nameloop account and push the changes to your contacts.

You are in full control of the privacy of your info – set up different groups, or 'Loops' as we call them, to share different info with different people. After all relationships are different and require different privacy settings.