NetThings Ltd

NetThings Ltd is the new name of Ewgeco. NetThings is a hardware, software and services platform that enables a wide array of meters, sensors, devices and appliances to be interrogated and controlled via the internet. The platform collects data from a variety of sources and analyses it in the NetThings cloud and presents on any web-connected display.

Ewgeco Ltd

We are a young and dynamic business in the “Cleantech” sector producing a range of engaging real-time energy monitoring solutions that help people reduce their energy consumption and save money. This market sector is one that is rapidly developing and is estimated to be worth several £billion over the next decade.

We have been selling our 1st generation product successfully into the UK market for the last 2 years into both housing and business sectors. We are looking for talented, enthusiastic individuals to join our team and help establish our company as market leader in this industry, not only in the UK but in Europe.

We are a young company poised for growth and are looking for the right people to join our growing team. The working environment is friendly and relaxed, making the company a great place to work. At the same time we work hard, need to be very flexible and get a tremendous kick out of getting things done well and on time. You will have a huge role to play in our small business where your input and ideas will be encouraged.


14 New Mart Road
EH14 1RL