NiTech Solutions

NiTech Solutions provides continuous flow manufacturing for the 21st Century. NiTech provides safer, greener, faster and cheaper reaction and crystallisation technology for laboratories, pilot units and manufacturing plants.  It enables chemical and pharmaceutical producers to achieve low-cost, high performance production whilst minimising waste, carbon footprint and enhancing sustainability.

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NiTech Solutions is a leading authority on continuous processing. Its unique patented reactors and crystallisers are set to transform the manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and drink, and biotechnology.

NiTech’s simple, yet highly innovative, continuous flow technology meets today’s need for safer, greener, faster and cheaper manufacturing processes. Portable and scalable units are available as either independent components or as complete manufacturing systems.

NiTech works with clients (directly and through its partners) to explore how the novel technology could improve their own processes. NiTech can tailor the crystallisers/reactors to meet a range of requirements for temperature, pressure and anti-corrosive properties.

The technology is easily scalable to commercial production. NiTech can license the technology on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. NiTech also offers continuous filtration and drying technologies, where appropriate, through its engineering partner, Alconbury Weston Ltd.