OrganLike Limited

Founded from world leading research from Scottish Universities, over the last 5 years OrganLike has developed novel 3D printing technology to provide low-cost, hyper-real and rapid production ‘OrganLike’ models.  Printed from individual 3D MRI/CT scans, these will be utilized for surgical rehearsal and training to improve surgical outcomes, patient recovery and costs.

Talent Scotland

The use of 3D printed organ models is growing rapidly across the world and is showing significant benefits for improving patient recovery through reduced soft tissue damage and bleeding during surgery.  Theatre operating time is also significantly improved and consequently surgical costs are much reduced.  Consequently, many new and existing medical device companies are producing commercial organ models manufactured in plastics, silicones, rubber and hydro-gels.  OrganLike’s unique formulation and production techniques produce models that have a much greater organ-like look, feel and dynamic behaviour than models made from these materials.

We have now secured initial funding and are taking our products ‘out-of-the-lab’ and into initial surgical use.  We have set-up in Inverness which has a young, dynamic and growing life-sciences community and centre for innovative surgical practice.  We work amidst the Highlands of Scotland with a great quality of life that we want our team to treasure, yet we also have very easy national and international transport links that get us easy access to the global business which we are seeking.


Aurora House
Inverness Campus