Overcast Labs

Overcast Labs builds hosting infrastructure that measurably improves productivity and efficiency.

Overcast Labs

Founded by brothers Tyler and Scott Foster along with Martin Lind in 2013. The company develops and distribute converged solutions for the hosting and cloud infrastructure market. 

Overcast Labs expertise is drawn from the teams experience of some of the largest tech companies (Apple, Cloudera, Intel, Cisco and Lockheed Martin). Working on projects within robotics, AI, management systems of massive distributed datasets, high speed digital circuit electronics design. These skills and insights are applied to tackle the disconnect between hardware and software development that has emerged over the last 10-15 years in the cloud and hosting market to unlock the future of truly intelligent infrastructure.

Overcast Labs head office is based in Edinburgh, but currently have a team of around 20 people from America, Sweden, Switzerland, India and the United Kingdom. Overcast Labs team is mostly composed of technologists.


Waverley Court, Level G:1,4 East Market Street