Phlo Technologies Ltd

From our pharmacy to your door

Phlo Technologies Ltd

Our vision is to enable faster, easier and more convenient access to your medication. In times like these, nobody should be queuing at the pharmacy.

Phlo allows you to order your medication from the safety of your own home, and receive it on your doorstep with contact-free delivery.

Our mission

Phlo’s mission is to create an end-to-end digital pharmacy service that allows patients to order and track their NHS prescriptions in real-time, from the point of prescribing to the point of delivery.‍

We deliver your NHS prescriptions where and when you need them, anywhere in the UK.‍

Our priority is to provide excellent customer service by building meaningful, trustworthy relationships with patients.‍

We’re innovating within the digital healthcare industry by creating a secure, easy-to-use pharmacy app and delivery service that integrates with digital advances across the NHS.


77 Renfrew Street
G2 3BZ