Pipecrawlers Subsea Integrity Group

Pipecrawlers is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Technip / Genesis group of companies and designs, manufactures and operates a range of high powered “brush drive” pipeline crawlers, which are capable of accessing pipelines currently designated as unpiggable.

Pipecrawlers Subsea Integrity Group

The GPC range of pipeline crawlers are tethered using an electro / optical umbilical cable that supplies power to the crawler tools and transmits command and onboard sensor data signals back to the topside control module in real time.

All crawlers within the GPC range can operate in live pipelines at pressure and flow, possess full bi-directional capability, can access pipeline networks from a single position and traverse the pipeline in all directions under full power.

With large payload capacity the GPC crawlers can transport cleaning equipment and ILI inspection modules into unpiggable pipelines and are capable of travelling at up to 900m/hr and operate anywhere in the pipe network including vertical sections.


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