Closing the gaps between campaign management, CRM and content management, Provenir is the world’s first platform to give marketing agencies and service providers the ability to infuse real-time omni-channel customer listening and actioning capabilities into their existing offering.

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Provenir is the Power of Proven. While today's new world of empowered consumers is forcing businesses to reengineer their marketing strategy, there has been a void of truly revolutionary approaches to adapting the marketing process to the new era.

Today's new approach requires deep-reaching listening capabilities, not just in one place such as social channels, but everywhere your customer interacts. The challenge is that social monitoring systems typically only create a social silo and don't help your business move with the new omni-channel customer who interacts with multiple channels, often simultaneously.

To help your business rise to this new challenge, the Provenir Platform is born from proven technology which has been perfected over decades of complex event processing heritage, with the ability to scale and process thousands of customer interactions per second. Now, Provenir brings this powerful technology to the world of customer marketing, helping your business to listen, process, decide and action customer engagement strategies in real-time.