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QikServe™ Order and Pay. Anywhere. Any Way.™ Qikserve develops mobile applications for the restaurant and hospitality industry.  Our micro-location, self-ordering and payment services tool allows Customers to order and pay for food and drinks directly from any device; mobile, self service kiosk or website.

Qikserve Ltd

QikServe™ is a vibrant, exciting, young company set to revolutionize the casual dining industry. Ever been in a restaurant waiting to be served, or frustrated that you have to go up to a service desk to order your meal? You have to remember what to order. If you are on your own, you have to decide whether to leave your possessions at the table, risking theft, or take them with you when you order and risk losing your table. If you are with children it is even worse. Do you leave the children at the table (causing havoc) or take them up with you and risk someone stealing your table? Well, QikServe™ is here to solve that problem. QikServe™ is a revolutionary new service. No more queues, no more waiting for service, no more remembering orders, no more getting up and no more interruptions as your friend orders at the bar. QikServe™ allows you to order your food and drink from the comfort of your table.

Qikserve has forged commercial relationships with industry players Oracle Hospitality, formerly MICROS, which is the global leader in enterprise Point of Sale and leading payment engines, such as PayPal , to develop one of the few enterprise integrated applications of its type in the world.

Qikserve’s standard integration gives unique advantage to global hospitality chains who can now implement end to end, fully integrated, self-service solutions to their consumers within days.

The company has been successful in establishing leading big brand clients in Europe & the US and has also closed a recent venture capital investment round to underpin accelerated global growth.

Having proven the concept and acquired funding the objective is now to grow distribution Channels, direct sales and continue to further develop the product.


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