Quantics Biostatistics

Quantics is the UK's largest independent statistical consultancy working in Life sciences. Our clients range from "Big Pharma" and the NHS to the earliest start-up companies working in leading edge bioscience research. We don’t do routine statistical reporting, and we need staff who really understand and enjoy the mathematics behind statistics. - If this is you, read on!


Quantics focuses on life science, health and agrochemical statistics.

Whether you need to validate an assay for a new biologic, refine group sizes in your vaccine trial, assess safety in your class 3 medical device trial or determine the impact of a new agrochemical on the environment, Quantics is ideally placed to help you at every (or any) stage.

We have particular experience in directly presenting and discussing difficult statistical issues with regulators (FDA, EMEA, PMDA) and in trial design, driven by the need to answer difficult questions.

To aid appropriately focused analysis in the clinical/health sectors, Quantics has its own medical director at NHS consultant level.

We have a flexible approach and can deliver all statistical aspects of a study or we can simply confirm or rescue work carried out elsewhere.

On each project we determine the optimal analytical and graphical tools to extract the best quality information. This ensures that all our clients’ questions are answered appropriately.


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