Rapport takes advantage of information hidden in a human voice to help machines understand and express human emotion. Our platform can analyze, interpret, and recreate those subtle behavioral cues in near real-time. We're also the leading speech-driven facial animation solution provider for video games, education, and user interfaces (powered by Speech Graphics).

Speech Graphics Ltd

Rapport is a fast-growing tech company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Based on two decades of research and development, our award-winning technology makes us a leading provider of lip sync and facial animation for next-gen video games, and our recently developed cloud platform will usher in a new era of human-machine communication for enterprise companies. 

At Rapport, we’re building a fast-growing team of brand evangelists, scientists, engineers, designers, and doers who are focused on creating a positive future for human-machine communication. We solve hard problems and hold ourselves and our tech to a higher standard. We bring to life the physical manifestation of a brand, putting a face to the name. We are not your average “animation company”. We tackle every project with unbridled enthusiasm, promising to deliver the best experience--whether that be for internal employees, or enterprise leaders, customers, and clients. 

As the most advanced, and most natural way to interact with an animated AI or character, we continue to disrupt the traditional animation industry.

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https://twitter.com/RapportCloud https://www.linkedin.com/company/rapport-cloud