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Reactec Ltd, based in Edinburgh, provides, designs, and develops cutting-edge vibration control technology. It presents an exciting opportunity to work in a relaxed but highly motivated environment. The company works in close collaboration with customers to integrate advanced personnel vibration monitoring technology into the workplace. In addition, Reactec carries out in-house new product development.

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Reactec has a reputation for delivering trusted solutions through our innovative approach to challenges.

Established in 2001 as a spin- out from Edinburgh University, Reactec started out as a vibration engineering consultancy firm with a difference: not only did it consult on and provide advice to vibration problems; it also delivered practical onsite solutions.  This unique service proved most successful with local and major blue- chip companies alike seeking our expertise to solve their vibration issues.  Although dealing with many differing sectors, Reactec Consultancy developed particular solutions for the Renewable Energy sector (particularly wind and marine).

Upon the HSE’s release of the Control of Vibrations at Work Regulations 2005; Reactec engineers commenced development of a hi-tech yet practical solution, which would provide total health protection for the worker as well as real cost benefits for the employer.  Using our vast engineering and vibration knowledge and experience: the HAVmeter was developed.

Since being launched into the marketplace in 2008, the HAVmeter has been proven as the system of choice for companies serious about the health of their workers and is now established as the global market- leader in Hand Arm Vibration monitoring.  Key to the HAVmeter’s success has been the automated approach to report generation and the accuracy and detail obtained from using the HAVmeter to monitor and protect workers’ HAV exposure.  Proving particularly successful with top- end companies in all HAV- related sectors, the HAVmeter is fast becoming the industry standard by which all other solutions are measured.


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