Recycled Renewables Ltd

Recycled Renewables Ltd (RRL) sells and delivers new and refurbished spare parts and service consumables to onshore wind turbines in the UK and Eire, and offers green disposal of redundant parts.


We work primarily in the wind turbine industry providing new parts across the UK, specialising in the refurbishment and recycling of used mechanical parts and electrical technologies.  By doing this we lower the drain on natural resources and provide the necessary disposal responsibilities of site waste, whilst increasing the parts availability and ultimately turbine availability.

As well as refurbishment and recycling, we can offer a supply of new parts direct to site to stock up your critical spares at pre-arranged schedules.  Benefits include: 

  • making the most of a resource
  • greater parts availability
  • site delivery
  • cheaper parts cost
  • increased turbine productivity
  • non-dependence on turbine manufacturers
  • critical parts management

With over 20 years experience in manufacture, maintenance and parts supply we have the technical expertise to help achieve clients’ availability targets.


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