Red Oak Ltd trading as Cresent

Established in 1982, Cresent is an international service company at the forefront of safety and competency support for Oil & Gas operations around the world. Offering safety consultancy, training, e-learning, and a range of safety products, we aim to create a safer workforce in the Oil & Gas industry. With a focus on the outcome, we can utilise our diverse skills portfolio to meet the exact needs of our customers.

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Our services are utilised in all major Oil & Gas locations, from deep sea to desert. Our scope extends to a wide range of facilities on and offshore, from those with large workforces to those which are normally unmanned, and we operate in many cultures and languages.

With experts in Control of Work, Creative Learning, IT and deployment as well as strong business development, operations and marketing departments, we boast an impressive track record and long established relationships.

Creating a safe environment is more than a matter of making sure the right boxes are ticked; it’s about understanding the environment in which your business works, how your world works, what it looks like and what pressures you face. It’s about ensuring that people are equipped to not only do the job well, but to do it safely. Our approach extends beyond training and consultancy programmes and addresses the way people think about their roles.

Our WorkSafe® portfolio comprises products and services developed by industry experts. Depending on your objectives, we offer you an effective combination of WorkSafe® products and services and work with you at every stage of the project from development to delivery until we achieve our joint goals. Our

WorkSafe® portfolio includes:

  • Consultancy.
  • Training.
  • E-learning and LMS.
  • WorkSafe® Control of Work System.
  • IsoSafe® Control of Work System.


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