Reloaded Production Ltd

Reloaded Productions is an experienced and expert games developer based in central Scotland. Reloaded is recognised globally as a pioneer in the development, publishing and support of sophisticated massively-multiplayer online free-to-play titles.

Reloaded Production Ltd

The company is responsible for the successful introduction of APB: Reloaded, which attracted 3,000,000 players in its first month – and which started generating revenue only weeks after the game was released.

APB: Reloaded has been published in multiple territories worldwide, through multiple retail channels and digital distribution partners. The game continues to attract new players on a monthly basis and increase the sale of virtual goods on an ongoing basis.

Reloaded Productions is continuing to support APB: Reloaded and is looking for new distribution and retail partners worldwide.

The company is now exploring opportunities to create new titles, or bring existing MMO games into the rapidly expanding global free-to-play market.