Reminova is about transforming dentistry, from terrifying drills, injections and anxiety, to painless tooth repair. Sounds good doesn't it? Using a patented treatment based on the naturally occuring remineralisation process we repair damaged tooth enamel back to a healthy strong structure using the same calcium and phosphate based mineral building blocks as normal enamel.


At Reminova we are passionate about preventative dentistry and improving oral healthcare. It is in our Company DNA, as Reminova was started by dentists who have spent their whole working lives reducing the effects of dental caries through public health education, technology innovation, and widening the global understanding of dental caries disease progression.

Reminova was formed in 2014 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and dentists to provide dentists and patients with new preventative treatments for tooth caries. We raised a $1 M crowdfunding in 2015, and we have quickly generated six figure revenue from industry collaboration to support our growth plans. We have been recognised by the European Union and Scottish Enterprise for our ambition and market opportunity with the award of presitgious grants, and we have been featured worldwide in print and television coverage due to the ground-breaking nature of our discovery. We are here to make a differnece to global health. 

We are building a world class oral health company, headquartered in Scotland, focused on achieving our goals and growing our company globally. We have bases in Perth, Edinburgh, London and collaborate with Edinburgh University, Kings College London, Bath University, and with companies internationally. We have an open, direct, start-up culture in our Company and across our team of full-time employees, sponsored PhDs, consultants and collaborators. We work with the best and we hire the best. 

You are invited join us on this mission. Be part of making drill-and-fill dentistry history. Be part of our success.


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