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A powerful asset integrity and management solution, R2S Visual Asset Management (VAM) is increasingly finding application in other industry sectors to record and manage complex assets.

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Used by international energy operating companies (including 5 of the 6 super-majors), R2S sets the global benchmark for VAM in the energy sector.

R2S provides high definition, 360 degree photographic images - capturing any asset and providing the user with a desktop visual walk around. It significantly improves access to, and retrieval of key engineering information. Tags within images identify equipment and link to data and documents.

Providing onshore personnel with a detailed view of offshore facilities, visual context and measuring capabilities, R2S creates a virtual environment that is more realistic, much faster, less costly and more engaging than laser scanning options.

R2S reduces Operational Expenditure (OPEX), increases efficiencies, improves operational safety and collaboration in the supply chain across the industry and throughout the lifespan of an asset from front-end design to eventual decommissioning.

As our company continues to expand, we need people like you to help us grow.

With backgrounds in photography, visual design and surveying techniques, our digital surveyors work on global projects across diverse industry sectors.

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