Rig Control Products Ltd

Rig Control Products Ltd (RCP) produce control & instrumentation systems primarily for the offshore exploration drilling market. The company is headquarted in Blackburn Aberdeenshire with a new office in Singapore.

Rig Control Products

RCP offer a complete design and manufacturing package for instrumentation and control systems used in the oilfield drilling industry today.

Engineering a comprehensive range of safety enhanced products, we specialize in HPHT, travelling block, anti collision, rig monitoring, well control, brake control and braking systems. Past successes also include the design and build of a fully integrated driller’s cabin, our product catalogue is extensive. RCP also undertakes general hydraulic, mechanical and electrical refurbishment work.

RCP strives to exploit the technology available today to meet the ever increasing demands of the drilling industry tomorrow, a fluid company one step ahead the competition.

With strength of knowledge and a wealth of experience, RCP are committed to bring to the market, cost effective solutions without compromise. Our systems lead where others follow.

Following a progressive approach, RCP are looking to work more closely with suppliers and specialist company’s alike, sharing knowledge and skills to form a better understanding of current drilling technology and their applications.

Commitment to provide global support is absolute. RCP opened a new office in Singapore in the first quarter of 2012. In addition RCP also work together with a network of leading companies our chosen partners operate from many of the key global oil hubs including, Middle East, India, Brazil and Australia. The main office in Aberdeen is ideally placed to service and support the Northern hemisphere.

RCP are looking to continue their success into 2013 and beyond by supplying safety enhanced equipment, cost effectively without compromise. Our continued growth in global terms allows us to support clients more effectively and efficiently well into the future.


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