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Russell Indexes provides tools to help investors build, track and trade investment portfolios. For 30 years, we have strived to push the boundaries of index design for more meaningful solutions that support and empower investors.

Russell Investments

About Russell Indexes
Russell Indexes help people make better investment decisions. As the creators of the Russell 2000(R) index measuring the US small cap market, our family of global equity indexes cover 83 markets worldwide and 98% of the investable market, and allow users to seamlessly track performance of distinct equity markets, investment strategies, and sector and industry categories.

A leader in index design
Russell brings the unique perspective of being an asset manager to our approach in building indexes.  Russell Investments' researchers meet with thousands of investment managers around the world to evaluate their investment process and collect data on their portfolios. This commitment to rigorous research allows us to create groundbreaking new indexes that reflect how managers invest today.

With $4.1 trillion (as of 31 December 2012) in assets benchmarked, Russell Indexes lead the way in new definitions of strategy, thematic and alternative index strategies.

Benchmark indexes
The Russell Global Index series covering developed, emerging, and frontier markets has a modular approach which supports a wide spectrum of sub-indexes based on country, region, sector and capitalisation size. This benchmark data is used by pension funds and active and passive fund managers to help them evaluate their mandates' performance.

Strategy, thematic, and alternative indexes
As innovators in index design, we construct indexes that capture specific investment themes, alternative weighting methods or risk factors.  These indices serve as tools to help asset owners diversify their beta exposure and achieve specific investment objectives, such as lowering portfolio volatility.

Russell Indexes is a division of Russell Investments and manages its European operation from a central London location.  Other offices are situated in Edinburgh, Paris, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Tokyo and Singapore.


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