Scene Connect Ltd

Scene is a UK registered company with offices in Edinburgh, London and Bhubaneshwar (India). Founded in 2011, Scene provides community energy and energy access consultancy services in the UK, and works on ICT based research and development projects overseas. The research and development department is responsible for conceptualising, developing and commercialising ICT projects and products to support increased access to renewable energy in emerging economies. The team currently has operations in the UK, India, Latin America and Tanzania.

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We are a Social Enterprise focused on strengthening communities through consultancyresearch and development of ICT products. We work across the renewable energy and energy access sectors.

Founded in Edinburgh in 2011, we have built a reputation as one of Scotland’s foremost community energy organisations, and have an emerging standing as action researchers and product developers in energy access. 

Scene is represented in Edinburgh, London and India - with projects ongoing in countries around the world. To find out more about our ongoing work and past projects, take a look at the case studies our Consulting and Research pages.

Since we began our core mandate has been to address the gap between energy generation and citizens.  We set out to reduce the size of this gap, by helping non-specialists develop their own renewable energy solutions. We now work across a broader range of sectors, but to the same ends - to bring power and capability closer to home.


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