Scottish Health Innovations Ltd

Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) works in partnership with NHS Scotalnd to identify, protect, develop and commercialise new innovations from healthcare professionals.

NHS Research Scotland

Formed in 2002, SHIL is a private company registered in Scotland and limited by guarantee by 3 shareholders - Scottish Minister's through the Chief Scientist office, NHS Tayside and Golden Jubilee National Hospital.

Our multidiscplinery team use specialise knowledge to bring new ideas and innovations from healthcare professionals to life. We provide expert services including intellectual property advice and protection, project management, idea incubation, funding advice, development and commercialisation and post-commercialisation monitoring.

We support collaboration across the Scottish Healthcare Innovation eco-system and works to ensure NHS Scotland provides the right environment to support innovation with an empowered workforce continually driving improvements in the quality and value in patient care.


Level 4 East, Golden Jubilee Hospital
Agamemnon Street
G81 4DY