sensewhere Limited is an ambitious start-up in the LBS market. The company provides hyper-local positioning software that drives LBS apps on mobile devices, Business intelligence solutions for enterprise and location aware advertising. sensewhere works in places where competing solutions fail and is ported to major OS.

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This technology enables precise location information in areas where there is no or inaccurate GPS satellite data such as indoors or in tight urban areas.

Getting quick and accurate GPS fixes in built-up areas or indoors is one of the key challenges faced by the location market today. The team at Sensewhere are currently developing a range of effective and cost effective solutions in order address this.

Our first product, Loc8R, is a dynamic, intelligent pure software solution for locating mobile devices in areas where GPS coverage is inadequate.

Through the exploitation of all available location data - whether GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or sensewhere proprietary software - a sensewhere client maximises location information, wherever you are.

sensewhere solutions provide new opportunities for mobile network operators and device manufacturers in order to offer new levels of indoor location accuracy. In addition, our solutions enable new location enabled applications.


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