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Using Bluetooth wireless sensors, Data Analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things, Sensor-Works has developed an innovative, flexible and cost-effective solution to machine health monitoring, applicable to many industries. Wireless sensors and the IIoT is a huge business opportunity. With initial sales at home and abroad, combined with 25+ years market experience, the company is seeking investment to take advantage of the opportunity, by developing its commercial operations, driving sales into blue chip organisations and creating a multi-million pound business.

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Sensor-Works designs, manufactures and markets self-powered, intelligent, wireless sensors to manufacturers and users of industrial machinery, for use in condition health monitoring applications. Designed for rapid installation and integration into existing monitoring systems, the products allow the adoption of new sensor technologies as part of an overall reliability management strategy to ensure maximum efficiency and availability of equipment.

The net result is minimisation of unforeseen breakdowns, reduction in costly downtime and saving in maintenance bills. Wireless Sensors, The Internet of Things (IoT) and Sensor Data Analytics is now providing users with the insight to make proactive business decisions from machine data. Sensor-Works sensors have been specifically designed to fit with this new and modern approach. They have been designed to fit seamlessly with the communications technology adopted by the IoT. They are sufficiently powerful to perform first level Data Analytics. They communicate with devices that form part of Cloud Based Systems. They are designed to move businesses from the traditional to the transformational.


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