SIRAKOSS is an early stage medical device company focused on the development and commercialisation of a unique synthetic bone grafttechnology.The company recently closed significant Series -A investment to drive the company forward and is at this time is strengthening the existing team. 


Company/ Product: An early stage medical device company, SIRAKOSS spun-out the technology from the University of Aberdeen in 2011 having successfully completed proof of concept. The highly regarded and clinically advantageous properties of MaxSiTM Synthetic Bone Graft have been confirmed by a series of pre-clinical studies independently conducted by a globally acknowledged research establishment and endorsed by surgeon opinion. 

Sector: Bone grafts are used in Trauma, Spinal and Dental surgery to fuse bones together to correct congenital or degenerative conditions (such as curvature of the spine) or following a traumatic injury where the bone fails to heal.

Customer problem: Published data indicates only a 70% success rate in bone fusion and the market need is for a reliable, effective and affordable solution. Current options in a $2.5bn global market fail to meet clinical/healthcare payor/ patient need due to inherent variability in performance, cost, patient morbidity or performance limitation. The SIRAKOSS technology uniquely combines well-characterised materials and processes to deliver an entirely synthetic bone graft that provides rapid, effective bone fusion and ease of use for the surgeon with improved outcomes for the patient and a cost effective solution for healthcare providers.

Team: In addition to the original key founders who all remain committed to the company and bring a history of R&D, operational and commercial success, SIRAKOSS has recently further strengthened the QA/RA team with the C-level appointments of sector knowledable individuals. 

Locations: Edinburgh and Aberdeen.