Sistemic Ltd

Sistemic Ltd is an award winning, ambitious company which aims to be a global leader in the development of novel microRNA-based problem-solving products for the drug development, cell therapy and bioprocessing markets.


Corporate Overview

Sistemic is a privately held Biotechnology company with headquarters in Glasgow, which started trading in 2009 and more recently, opened a sales office in Boston to serve the North American market. Our core focus is on microRNA profiling, in context, with the knowledge of the biology allowing a much greater understanding of the whole system. Sistemic's primary business is focussed on providing innovative problem-solving services and kit-based products to the drug development, cell therapy and bioprocessing markets.


Sistemic has developed an enabling platform SistemRNA™, which profiles microRNA expression and utilises in-house, customised algorithms to analyse the microRNA changes produced when a cell is perturbed by a stimulus. This creates clusters of microRNA alterations, the pattern of which defines the phenotypic response. The microRNA alterations are reproducible and robust markers that define the biological interaction between the cell and its environment. Beneficially, microRNA profiling monitors pathway control of the entire biological system of the cell in a single assay.

Products and Services

SistemRNA™ is the enabling platform which flows through our services and kits. SistemRNA™ captures the dynamic response of all major cellular pathways, giving enhanced clarity without data overload. This relatively simple but highly informative approach delivers robust fundamental biological understanding enabling key decision making throughout the research process. It can be used to elucidate previously unknown mechanisms of action, expedite lead selection, sensitively measure time/concentration effects and identity On/Off target effects including discovery of novel targets.

SistemQC™ offers a simplified platform to monitor the maintenance of cell lines, including stem cells, across passage or the staging of stem cell directed differentiation. More specifically, we can generate stem cell ID signatures which allow development of sensitive purity and potency assays. SistemQC™ includes the added benefit of understanding the likely biological significance of the microRNA alterations uncovered during the testing process.

SistemKB™ accurately positions chemical compounds within key therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Inflammation, metabolic disorders, CVD, HDACi, Statins and Toxicological effects. We have a strong interest in Oncology and epigenetics.

SistemKits™ provide a straightforward yet highly informative solution to screen compounds or cells depending on your research needs, independent of platform. They will be made available to compliment our other Sistemic services.

We welcome enquires from ambitious, high-calibre individuals who enjoy the challenge of working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment and who would like the opportunity to help shape Sistemic’s future.


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