We aim to help employers find great employees and job seekers find jobs that they will love.

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Skillzminer's intelligent employability platform and virtual coach were developed to digitally support the welfare to work and skills market. We help Training and Employability Providers grow their business by; improving outcomes, increasing their efficiency and quality of service delivery.

  • Use our Virtual Coach to find job seeker skills - Job seekers don't always know their true talent or understand how their skills can be transferable. Our virtual coach captures and analyses individuals skills and provides self-directed career transition support.
  • Empowering job seekers to create career pathways - Our platform empowers job seekers to leverage their occupational skills to orientate towards alternative occupations to create exciting new career pathways.
  • Helping you to help your job seekers - As more individuals in more varied occupations are displaced by structural trends like migration, technology or pandemics, many will be forced to find ways to translate their skills and competences across fields or retrain for new occupations.  And they may be looking for work for the first time in years, or even decades. Your frontline staff can support them using our caseload management capability.