Skymoons Edinburgh Ltd

Skymoons Edinburgh Ltd are an ambitious new game company based in central Edinburgh and are currently developing a state-of-the art mobile MMO project.  The studio was opened by Skymoons Interactive who are an immensely successful mobile game company based in Chengdu, China.

Skymoons Edinburgh Ltd

What do they do?

Chinese mobile games publisher Skymoons Interactive is one of the biggest names in mobile gaming in Asia.

Originally established in Chengdu in 2014, the home of the China's growing tech sector, Skymoons is the name behind the phenomenally successful Journey of the Flower game, launched to synchronise with the release of the hit Chinese TV series of the same name.

The game continues to attract more than 10 million active users and generate huge revenues for the developer.

Why the move?

The Chinese games market is vast, with an estimated 483 million mobile players in the country. However, Skymoons are keen to build on their incredible domestic success story by expanding into the global digital entertainment market. Skymoons saw the potential of Edinburgh's games industry talent, viewing Scotland's capital as the perfect location for developing new mobile multiplayer online content for a western audience.

Introduced to the Scottish market by Industry veteran, Michael Boniface formerly of Reloaded Productions, Boniface was then recruited to oversee the creation of the new Edinburgh development studio.

What it means for Edinburgh

The studio is now recruiting an initial 21 people, with further growth planned. The plan is to have the full team in place by the end of July 2017 with the first 18 staff already recruited. It is an exciting step into a growing market.

Mobile games are on their way to dominate the games industry, claiming 42% of the market in 2017, according to latest industry data from Newzoo. The worlds 2.2 billion regular gamers are expected to drive 7.8% year-on-year growth in the global games market, generating £84.5bn.


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