Smarter Grid Solutions Ltd

Smarter Grid Solutions Ltd (“SGS”) is an innovative technology company providing Smart Grid products and services to the power industry, working with both electricity network operators and distributed generation developers.

Smarter Grid Solutions Ltd

At the core of SGS's offering is the provision of Active Network Management (ANM) technology and analysis capability to facilitate increased connection and operation of renewable and distributed generation. SGS has experience of working closely with network operators and generator developers to design, test, appraise and deploy Smart Grid solutions and technologies.

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At SGS we believe that most electricity networks have network capacity that is not fully utilised. SGS provides world-leading real-time control solutions that can release latent network capacity and permit greater network utilisation - particularly for renewable energy sources - during both normal operation and contingencies on the power system.

A spin-out business from the University of Strathclyde, SGS has received initial funding from Scottish and Southern Energy and Scottish Enterprise’s Scottish Co-investment Fund.


Smarter Grid Solutions Ltd
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