Solus Scientific Solutions Ltd

Solus Scientific Solutions Ltd was set up to develop new rapid detection methods for foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella using innovative bacterial assays.

Solus Scientific Solutions Ltd

Solus Scientific Solutions is a new company incorporated in July 2009 and has been set up to develop new rapid detection methods for food borne pathogens like salmonella, listeria and campylobacter using innovative bacterial assays. The company’s principal assay is fully patented.

The test for pathogens is based on a combination of microbiology and chemiluminescence using acridinium ester. After the assay and media broths have been prepared, the detection of the pathogens is undertaken in a luminometer plate reader instrument which is being developed specifically for Solus Scientific applications.

Solus’s sales strategy is targeted at the multi-billion-$ microbiological food testing market. According to Strategic Consulting Inc, the world wide food microbiology market represented 738 million tests in 2008 ($2bn) growing to 969 million tests in 2013 ($2.4bn):

  • Rapid testing methods accounted for 42% of tests, growing to approximately 50% in 2013
  • BCC Research estimated the US market for pathogen testing of food at nearly $1.8 billion in 2007, growing to $2.4 billion by 2012
  • Solus believes that a substantially faster test would further accelerate market growth

Solus is developing a range of test systems to ISO standards which will compete head on with the established ELISA testing method. The Solus tests will be as accurate and as inexpensive as ELISA and much less expensive than PCR. Our current product range includes:

  • Fully tested rapid Salmonella assay - media broths and antibodies full developed for both food processing and abattoir applications
  • Rapid test listeria assay in development
  • Rapid test camplabacteur in development
  • New range of anti-bodies for aflatoxin and ochretoxin mycrotoxins in development

The main advantages over the ELISA methods can be summarised as follows:

  • Speed of test reduced to 5-7hrs
  • Accuracy equal to ELISA
  • Cost equal or less than ELISA
  • Only one stage of enrichment and simplified assay procedures in lab
  • Reduced lab handling and mixing of enrichment media products
  • Testing procedure exactly the same as Elisa - no staff training required
  • Assay totally compatible with automatic Elisa testing systems
  • Flash chemi-luminescence luminometer is 300x more sensitive than ELISA colourmetic systems

Solus Scientific is a dynamic company with a forward thinking management team who are committed to bring innovation to the bacterial testing market worldwide which in turn will save lives.


Solus Scientific Solutions Ltd
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