Solutions Driven Ltd

Solutions Driven, is an international recruitment agency, hiring top talent for roles across Science, Tech, Engineering, and Manufacturing Recruitment. From our Glasgow office, our team of 50 recruit in the UK, EU, North America, and EMEA, focusing on securing the right people first time every time.

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Solutions Driven was founded in 1998 by Walter G. Speirs. It all started with seven people, and today we’ve grown to a company of 35 based in Glasgow, Scotland.

You might be surprised to know that even with a team of 50, we’re represented by nine different countries including India, Austria, USA, Australia, Japan and of course the UK. While our Head Office is in Glasgow, we also have people working in London, Manchester, and the Philippines. 

And with such a diverse group of people, from so many different countries, we like to think we bring a unique approach to how we work with clients and engage with candidates across the globe.

Part of this is through our unique recruitment category - Recruitment Process Intelligence™ - the new way to guarantee recruitment results for hiring teams backed by proven processes and real intelligence instead of false promises. It allows us to hire the right candidate 97% of the time (compared to an industry average of 43%) and to provide insights that allow business to recruit sustainably.