Spectratox Ltd

Spectratox Ltd. was launched in 2008. Its sole shareholder is the Photobiology Trust, a charitable organisation devoted to the promotion of dermatological research, education and clinical care.

Spectratox Ltd

Any surplus study funds are used for the benefit of patients.

Spectratox is a limited company and is independent of the National Health Service.

Spectratox is driven by the expertise and reputations of Professor James Ferguson and Professor Harry Moseley. Together they have developed an evidence-based methodology for studying phototoxicity in clinical volunteers.

Professor Ferguson has 20 years experience advising on the need for such work.

  • Professor James Ferguson, MD, FRCP, is a renowned academic clinician who has published widely in the areas of drug-induced phototoxicity, phototherapy, photochemotherapy and the photodermatoses.
  • Professor Harry Moseley, PhD, FInstP, provides the essential photophysics expertise.

He has an international reputation in the field of UV spectroscopy and development of new UV measurement techniques. His publications cover UV dosimetry, assessment of sunscreens and clothing, dermatological laser applications etc.

The staff at Spectratox are also expert in:

  • Pre-clinical laboratory data analysis
  • The study of volunteers and post-study testing
  • Advice on product labelling and clinical management

Phototoxicity testing is carried out on the premises of the National Photobiology Unit, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, a part of NHS Tayside (but, please note, Spectratox Ltd. is completely independent of the NHS.)


Spectratox Ltd.
The Photobiology Unit

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