Spring Engineering Services Ltd T/A Ritchie Precision

Ritchie Precision is a specialised precision engineering business based in Livingston, Scotland and has been in operation since 1975.

Ritchie Precision Logo

In the nineties, demand from the Scottish-based electronic manufacturing industry resulted in Ritchie Precision developing a standard range of spare parts, for the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) market. Techniques and skills learnt in this “small piece, tight tolerance” market led to prototype, and then production work in the Opto-electronic and Laser sectors. These markets now account for some 70% of the business mix, with Ritchie being key supplier of small parts to several leading opto-electronics firms and world leading laser companies.

Continuous re-investment in modern manufacturing equipment – CNC machines range from 10-axis lathes to 5-axis mills – and a mounting customer base plus rising turnover has seen Ritchie Precision increasing both plant and staff numbers during the recent years. This has also assured quick turnaround of prototypes and parts, as demanded by our leading edge customers. The majority of parts are ultrasonically cleaned and sealed in our Class 1K cleanroom, prior to delivery.

Markets include:

  • Photonics
  • Gas Utilities
  • Laser Mounts
  • Ultra Sonic
  • Opto-Electronic
  • Optical Mounts
  • Bottle Carbonation Testing and Specialist Spare Parts


10 Rutherford Square
Brucefield Industry Park
EH54 9BU