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STAR-Dundee is a world leading supplier of SpaceWire technology to the world’s space agencies and international aerospace industry.

STAR-Dundee Ltd

SpaceWire is a computer network used onboard spacecraft to connect together instruments, mass memory units, control processors and other onboard electronic equipment. It effectively provides the “nervous system” of a spacecraft.

SpaceWire was developed by the Space Technology Centre at the University of Dundee, in collaboration with European aerospace partners and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). It fulfilled a growing need for a standard, high-speed, flexible communications network for spacecraft.

Over the past 10 years SpaceWire has been adopted by more and more space agencies, space companies and space missions until now it is the de facto standard, being used on more than thirty major space missions.

As space agencies and companies became interested in using the emerging SpaceWire standard there became an urgent and expanding need for evaluation, development and test equipment to support the users of SpaceWire. STAR-Dundee Ltd was spun out from the University of Dundee in 2002 to meet that need and to commercialise the SpaceWire technology developed by the Space Technology Centre. Growing organically over the past seven years STAR-Dundee Ltd has emerged as a leading supplier of SpaceWire equipment to the world’s space agencies and industries. Its customers include ESA, NASA and JAXA and most of the famous names in aerospace.

We have a team of highly qualified (6 PhDs) and experienced engineers (over 45 man years SpaceWire design experience) that are focused on “Supporting SpaceWire Applications”. This experience encompasses system engineering, chip design, instrument development, software development, and electronic circuit design.

We have developed an extensive range of SpaceWire related test and development equipment which is being continually developed in response to customer needs and requirements

STAR-Dundee has the world-leading expertise and technology needed to support any SpaceWire project and to help make it a success.


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