StorTera is an Edinburgh-based energy storage innovator, our key development is the SLIQ single liquid flow battery, which uses engineered Lithium-sulphur battery chemistry. We also design and develop novel control systems and provide comprehensive, innovation energy storage solutions.


StorTera's core innovation is converting Lithium Sulphur solid battery technology into a liquid battery technology. The system is economical, easily scalable, has a long cycle life and is energy dense compared to existing systems.

This Li-S liquid technology has been developed using state of the art material technologies and an innovative power electronic converter topology developed in-house. It promises to be a game changer in the energy storage industry.

We also offer scalable and ultra safe lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) smart battery modules alongside our uniquely flexible hybrid inverter product provided in a StorTower enclosure, creating an easily scaled intelligent energy storage system.

The StorTower provides the freedom to input any renewable generator, grid import / export capability, demand side response (DSR) functionality, smart battery management.


Unit 7, Castlebrae busines centre
Peffer place
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