The SU2Partnership (SU2P) links the academic and technology enterprise communities in California and Scotland engaged in photonics and photonics enabled technologies.

SU Squared Partnership

The partnership involves leading researchers from the Scottish Universities of Strathclyde, Glasgow, St Andrews and Heriot Watt, together with the US Universities of Stanford and Caltech in California.

The project, SU2P, is designed to capitalise on leading research in the photonics sector, in fields including life sciences and renewable energy, and the commercial opportunities the research offers. It also aims to bolster existing links between universities and businesses in Scotland and the US.

The project has won funding worth £1.6 million over three years from the Science Bridges awards, announced by Research Councils UK (RCUK).

The three-year venture between the six institutions will focus on:

-Biophotonics, including stem cell imaging and neuroscience photonics

-Solar cell devices and characterisation

-Integrated photonics

-Solid-state laser engineering and nonlinear optics

-Photonics sensors, including atom and quantum optic sensors and environmental science and technology

The project will give talented young researchers the opportunity to experience working in laboratories in California. It will also enable businesses in the US and the UK to share ideas and expertise with academics in both countries.