Sublime Digital Limited

We are a band of creative pioneers and technology entrepreneurs, dedicated to exploring new digital realities in the world of work.

Sublime Digital Limited

Sublime Digital - Our vision

The workplace has changed.

We learn and train in virtual, gamified environments. Not alone, trapped in sweaty headsets, but together, in rewarding, social experiences.

Real-time data and content appears directly in our field of vision while we work. No stopping to consult a manual. A digital universe of resources is available on tap.

And the robots didn’t take all our jobs after all. We enhanced our own abilities and reimagined the very nature of work.

The workplace of tomorrow?

At Sublime, we’re building it today.

Our solutions

We are addressing these huge changes through two related platforms:

  • Shared Immersion – Virtual Reality without a headset. We are already deploying commercial solutions and generating revenue.
  • Augmented Worker – Augmented Reality productivity tools. We can increase efficiency across a range of vertical markets.

Our company

We are creatives, technologists and entrepreneurs. We have deep experience of Digital Realities and we have the skills and ambition to lead in this space.

Sublime is headquartered in the UK, with offices in Glasgow, London, and Dubai.


54 Miller Street
G1 1DT