Supply Design Ltd

Supply Design Limited are power supply specialists. Our products focus on three-phase to DC conversion for high reliability and high efficiency applications. We also provide power conversion consultancy for clients who require high performance power solutions for industrial and harsh environment applications.

Supply Design Ltd

Supply Design Ltd designs and develops high performance power converters.

Founded in 2001 as a design consultancy, we have provided a wide range of consultancy services for companies including Raytheon, Alcatel, Nujira, Surrey Satellites, and Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE).

In 2009, we began to focus on R&D and are building a company around high performance power converters, based on our patented 'three-phase AC to DC' power topology.

Our patented technology creates a ground-breaking new standard for three-phase AC to DC power conversion. Our topology can perform in one conversion stage what our competitors require two power stages to do – resulting in up to a 65% reduction in heat generating losses and a 33% increase in power density, without compromising power factor, harmonics or galvanic isolation performance.

Our new technology and the design team’s power engineering experience, means that most of our work involves developing bespoke and leading edge designs. These designs usually have challenging performance specifications (high power density, high efficiency, low harmonics, etc.) not catered for by off-the-shelf products. There is a great focus on innovation within engineering team to meet our customers’ exacting requirements.

Supply Design has grown in the last few years to include a broad range of staff and suppliers.  In addition to the core team, we work with consultants and contractors who help us offer an impressive range of services to our clients.


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