Textensor Limited

Textensor Limited develops innovative web based tools for document management and annotation. We run a subscription service at annotate.co and license the technology for inclusion in third party web applications.

Textensor Limited

Textensor Limited was formed in 2005 by two former researchers in neuroniformatics and has grown organically since then. The initial product enabled users to layer semantic annotations on top of scientific papers, but rapidly expanded into any area requiring web-based annotation of PDF documents. We supply the technology  for inclusion in third party web applications serving a number of sectors including legal, marketing and healthcare. Annotate is also extensively used in education where students use it to keep notes on electronic course materials, and staff use it for grading student work.

As well as licensing our technology, we also undertake custom development building online tools based around the annotate system. With the continual demand for new functionality while maintaining convenience and usability, we are always on the lookout for new technologies that can improve the quality of our products and services. Almost all our staff are software engineers, most with masters or PhD degrees.


30/2 Frederick Street