The Podcast Host ltd.

The Podcast Host is the ultimate support resource for Podcasters, offering blogs, podcasts & videos to get you started, and coaching and software to help you succeed. From equipment to promotion, interviews to editing, learn it all with us.

Talent Scotland

We give podcasters the help they need launch and run great shows. The aim is to make a living from their podcast, or to use it to promote a cause or a business. We do this through free resources, and paid services.

Firstly, our website is chock-full of free articles, podcast episodes and videos, teaching all aspects of podcasting.

Secondly, we have a paid membership which offers live coaching, how-to courses and a multitude of resources. Thirdly, we offer a premium podcast production service, where we work closely with any client to plan, record and produce life changing audio programmes for any purpose.

In addition, we've just released our first software product: Alitu. It’s a web application designed to help anyone create audio and video episodes much more easily. Media creators simply upload a raw recording, then we’ll add branding, make it look and sound great, and publish it wherever their audience hangs out.