The Relocation Consultancy Scotland

Relocation Scotland is an award-winning relocation services provider with over 25 years’ experience. We specialises in offering bespoke relocation services for companies and individuals who want to either make Scotland their home or are looking at venturing to other international locations from Scotland . 

Relocation Scotland

Our services are delivered by Relocation Scotland’s talented and experienced consultants who have direct links to our worldwide and domestic network of relocation providers and specialists. The services we can offer you are;

  • Immigration advice
  • Orientation tours;  our reconnaissance tours cover all the important practicalities of relocating to a new city
  • Finding a home; we provide a range of home search packages to suit you and your family requirements. 
  • Education guidance; we provide impartial information to allow you to make the best decision for your child’s education.
  • Settling in; we want to make you feel at home as soon as possible. Our settling- in services are tailor made to take care of your every need.
  • Departure; reaching the end of an assignment brings a host of considerations which we can manage on your behalf to ensure a smooth departure to your next destination.
  • Removal services; every move be it international or domestic requires a huge number of elements to be considered. We can provide you with cost effective solutions for both domestic and international removals.

We are professional, proactive and passionate. We prioritise client satisfaction and consistently exceed our clients expectations. With personal experience of relocation, we can empathise with relocating individuals and their families, and anticipate their needs. We understand how to help make sure an assignment, whether coming to Scotland or leaving Scotland for pastures new, is an enriching and valuable experience for all involved. As a result, our approach allows people to become effective employees quickly, with happily adjusted families.


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