Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd

Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd is a mechanical engineering business specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of Commercial Heating Systems and Industrial Heat Exchangers.

Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd

The business was established in 1933 is today owned by a consortium led by Managing Director Peter Murphy (42%), angel investment syndicate TRICap (www.tricapital.co.uk) (54%) and existing management and staff (4%).

Over the past 30 years we have become well known as manufacturers of "finned" or "gilled" tubes for a wide range of industrial and commercial heating and cooling applications.

A sound reputation has also been established for manufacture of custom built extended surface heat exchangers for industrial processes of all kinds employing steam water and thermal oils.

In 1991 we acquired the renowned Thermolier unit heater business adding this high quality robust range of space heaters to our products serving the industrial and commercial space heating markets. In 2010 we acquired Commercial Electric Heat Ltd to add electrical products to our range and electrical knowledge to our skill base.

In 2011 we added the installation of Biomass boilers to our product offering alongside our oil and gas service.

Over the past few years the company has gone through a series of developments and embarked upon a policy of planned expansion of its product range.


Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd
Unit 1A Burnfoot Industrial Estate
Hawick, Roxburghshire

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