UnifiedFX Limited are a software development company and a recognised leader in Cisco telephony Endpoint Management Solutions. With an exclusive focus on the Cisco market place, UnifiedFX provide innovative solutions which enhance the ability of any organisation to fully manage thousands of IP telephones and contact centre agents across geographically dispersed regions from a central location.

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UnifiedFX writes software that allows customers to manage Cisco telephones and Contact Center Agents remotely from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

Some of our clients will have well in excess of 400,000 phones and users spread globally, with UnifiedFX software they can manage them on a single workstation from a base or bases that they choose.

This centralisation means that management of these phones becomes much easier, much less expensive and much better (less errors) with UnifiedFX software.

Our products are wholly focussed on enhancing the users experience of products that they will already have bought from Cisco.

Our products are complementary to the Cisco VoIP telephony products and are tested by certified by Cisco as being Compatible with their own. Cisco use our products internally in a number of areas.

Our product overview videos can be found at these URLs below.

WallboardFX Feature Overview (1.26 Mins)


A state of the art agent wallboard for Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) product that delivers fast and easy to interpret agent activity information. This will run on any device with a browser, is the fastest in the industry and can be easily installed and managed from anywhere in the world. This aids contact center management and productivity.

PhoneView Overview (2.01 Minutes)


A Cisco VoIP telephony management product that allows customers to put their entire Cisco VoIP phone estate onto a management console on their desktop computers for local management. This means that they can save a lot of time and money by not sending engineers to site to fix local problems or make changes.

MigrationFX Overview (1.28 Minutes)


A Cisco VoIP telephony migration product that allows customers to migrate from older models of Cisco phones to the newer models with the minimum level of cost and complexity. It saves money and time.