University of Edinburgh College of Science and Engineering

The School of engineering is part of the College of Science and Engineering, which supports World-Class excellence in teaching and research.

University of Edinburgh College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

We offer a full range of taught undergraduate’s courses in engineering subjects and taught postgraduates MSCS.

The School of Engineering addresses diverse and complex challenges across the entire field of engineering, at the micro- and macroscopic/global scales. At the microscopic scale, its research supports the design and deployment of novel nanotechnology and devices for biological monitoring and medical diagnosis; at the macro/global scale, it optimises the security and sustainability of the built environment and develops engineering solutions to climate change issues.

The Vision of the School is the achievement of excellence across each of its six research areas, from the science and mathematics that underpin engineering research, to its industrial and commercial applications and five teaching disciplines, all accredited by the professional Engineering Institutes.

The School forms about 50% of a very large submission (200 FTE) to the General Engineering Panel in REF2014, with Heriot Watt University. The School has a strong track record in producing more than 50 technology spin-outs and developing industry links that enable our graduates to build relationships that last a whole career. In the three most recent full years, the School was successful in achieving £18m research awards per annum, on average.

The School is one of the largest in the University, comprising over 200 staff and over 200 research students, 140 MSc and 1,300 undergraduate students. It occupies ten buildings on the University’s King's Buildings site in South Edinburgh.


Weir Building
The Kings Building West Mains Road