University of Glasgow, Biomedical Engineering Research Division

The Division Biomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow brings together four important research themes with the School of Engineering, associated with Advanced Medical Diagnostics, Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies, Cell and Tissue Engineering and Synthetic and Systems Biology.

University of Glasgow

The Division benefits from strong links to industry as well as to the biomedical sciences and clinical medicine. For example, in the field of Rehabilitation following Spinal Cord Injury, we have a research centre placed within the Southern General Hospital.

We have also just launched a new undergraduate degree, the only such course in Scotland, and plan to develop postgraduate taught courses. The Division is also currently home to 35 research students pursuing PhD in fields as diverse as infectious disease diagnostics for the developing world, brain-computer interfaces, stem cell differentiation using nanotechnology, robots as orthotic aids, and the creation of artificial cells.

Our research activities are broadly divided into four themes:

  • Advanced Medical Diagnostics & Lab-on-a-chip
  • Cell & Tissue Engineering
  • Rehabilitation & Assistive Technologies
  • Synthetic & Systems Biology


Biomedical Engineering Research Division
University of Glasgow
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